What Christmas Gifts for Green Travelers? | 6 must-haves

Let’s go! The countdown to Christmas is on! Every day, you may have an Advent calendar that reminds you that it’s not long before you open the packages under the tree. Rather than over consuming, why not opt for zero-waste gifts this year? Even if we’re really looking forward to seeing the end of 2020, we might as well finish it off with a successful family celebration. Bobee Spot is an app for adventurers, lovers of the great outdoors, and small discoveries. That’s why we have prepared a shortlist of Christmas gift ideas for green travelers. You will be able to finish your letter to Santa Claus or spoil one of your loved ones.

1 – A portable solar charger, an essential accessory for adventurers

The portable solar charger is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for all green travelers. When camping, hiking, in the forest, or on a beach, no more worrying about finding an electrical outlet. This gift that might seem like a gadget is a real luxury for your comfort and the planet! There are many different kinds: waterproof, compact, light, multi USB ports, etc… With a solar charger, you can charge several types of devices such as your cell phone, tablet, GPS, or a portable battery.

2 – A stainless steel flask, the ideal Christmas gift for explorers

It’s the great comeback of stainless steel water bottles! Don’t worry! They’ve come a long way in design since the old Boy Scouts days. Your stainless steel water bottle will follow you on all your travels, and you can also enjoy it at the office. Its great advantage is that it keeps drinks cool as well as hot. Durable, ecological, aesthetic, it will make an excellent gift under the tree for eco-responsible travel lovers.

3 – A zero-waste travel kit for eco-friendly shopping and meals

When we travel, we often tend to picnic, shop on the fly, and all these actions can generate waste for the environment. To satisfy your favorite eco-friendly traveler, why not offer him a set of zero waste accessories to take everywhere with him? We are thinking in particular of the tote bag, which is a cotton bag that can be customized, and which is especially useful for many things! Its primary interest is to avoid plastic bags and packaging. To allow your loved one to shop at markets around the world, place a few bulk bags inside the tote bag.

To complete your zero waste travel kit, you can add :

  • reusable cutlery ;
  • a stainless steel food box;
  • a stainless steel straw.

4 – The Lifestraw filtering bottle, an ingenious invention

The Lifestraw brand offers filtering bottles and straws. This device allows you to purify water from streams, rivers, lakes, or any source (except seawater). Contaminated water thus becomes clean for consumption. The brand’s filters were voted Time’s “invention of the year” in 2005. As an adventurer at heart, what could be better than being able to drink water everywhere without worrying about its quality? It’s a great Christmas gift that will be useful and can save lives!

Lifestraw products are available in a variety of versions to best suit the user’s situation. The advantage of filtering bottles, in addition to preserving health, is that they avoid carrying large quantities of water during their journey. It is truly an indispensable accessory for the eco-traveler.

5 – A Scrubba clothes-washing bag, economical and ecological

It’s in Australia that this invention was born! It is obviously one of the best Christmas gifts for green travelers. This bag serves as a washing machine and can be carried everywhere. It’s a real revolution for globe-trotters! With a minimum of water (3.5 L) and little detergent or soap, the Scrubba bag can wash clothes for 2 people. It cleans clothes as well as in the machine, and better than by hand.

It is an ecological, economical, and efficient way to make your laundry clean and thus travel light. If it’s not used as a washing machine, it can also keep objects or documents inside safe from water and humidity!

6 – A zero-waste toilet bag for a light and eco-responsible traveling

If there’s one thing to remember when traveling, it’s the toiletries kit! To avoid plastic containers and polluting products as much as possible, you can enhance this kit with different items for your eco-traveler:

  • Bronners’ solid soap:the best zero waste alternative, it replaces shower gel, shampoo, laundry, shaving foam, and even toothpaste! It is solid and is therefore not likely to be spilled during the trip;
  • A toothbrush made of bamboo or with a rechargeable head: some brands like Lamazuna propose to take your toothbrush heads for free to recycle them ;
  • A biodegradable sunscreen: it is no longer a secret, sunscreen pollutes the oceans and damages corals. Protect marine ecosystems by offering a biodegradable sunscreen in this toilet bag ;
  • A menstrual cup:if your traveler is a woman, why not allow her to test this zero waste alternative to tampons and sanitary pads? It also saves space in the bag or suitcase;
  • A solid deodorant: aim for a deodorant without aluminum salts and natural, the Comme Avant brand will surely do the trick.


This selection of Christmas gifts for green travelers should help you spoil your loved ones. Bobee Spot encourages you to turn to a different kind of tourism, an alternative to traditional travel. Our planet is overflowing with treasures, and it is up to us to preserve them. Download the Bobee Spot app, and enter the great community of unusual travel lovers.