Explore Street Art in France | A guide

Have you noticed how much street art has been all the rage for a few years? It has become a real cultural heritage in many French cities! Artists fascinate with their talent and ingenuity. These explosions of colors attract more and more walkers in the course of the streets, sometimes hidden and unknown. What could be better than art to convey messages and express yourself? Often seen by some as mere graffiti or tags, street artworks are, in fact, an incredible work of thoroughness and patience. Let yourself be carried away during your walk, and discover urban art near you. Bobee Spot has selected some cities in France for you to explore street art.

Marseille, a city focused on culture and street art

If there is one unmissable spot to admire street art in Marseille, it is the Cours Julien. This district has hosted urban works since the end of the 90s. Several streets are true open-air canvases, such as the rue des Trois Rois or the rue Pastoret. At the corner of rue Crudière and Cours Julien, there have been “ Le M.U.R. ” since 2012. This life-size setting allows a different artist to express himself every month.

It is at the Friche de la Belle de Mai that you can find another street art spot in Marseille. Its skate park is a place of expression well known to street artists. Skateboarders and visitors alike can discover murals and graffiti that urban art lovers will appreciate.

In the Phocaean City, the Panier is also an incredible spot to explore street art! This old Marseille district hosts immense murals representing the emblems of Marseille, such as Notre-Dame de la Garde and the fisherman returning to the Old Port in his “Pointu”. Each detail is worked, and some works require a real eye for noticing. Thanks to Bobee Spot, you can explore the smallest streets and the most beautiful works of urban art with the hashtag “street art”.


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Grenoble, an essential place to explore street art

In the heart of the city, more than 150 works of street art are more or less hidden. Since 2015, Grenoble has created the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes, an urban art event for enthusiasts. It features iconic works such as the incredible multicolored lion that artists Srek, Greg, and Will made. Goin is also an essential street artist in Grenoble. These militant murals are impossible to feel indifferent about, like that of Snow White holding a grenade in her hands. Near Lesdiguières street is the portrait of Malala made by C215.

The Alain Le Ray Esplanade is an unusual spot if you want to admire a large number of murals without traveling for hours. If, on the contrary, you prefer to wander the small streets and explore the most beautiful hidden works, Bobee Spot is there for you.


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La Croix-Rousse, the best district of Lyon to admire urban art

Graffiti and murals are increasingly present in Lyon, and in particular, on the slopes of Croix-Rousse. Street art artists like Brusk, Cap Phi, Georges de Loup, or Little Lilou showcase their talent all over this district. Between colors, poetry, and freedom of expression, you will inevitably find pleasure in discovering art in the streets of Lyon. The city still has some progress to compete with others on the presence of urban art in its streets, but it is on the way.

You can also take the opportunity to contemplate the view of the capital of gastronomy from Place Bellevue. A particular street art practice is found in the streets of Croix-Rousse: it is flacking. This street art consists of filling the holes and defects of the sidewalks with tiles. It is to the artist Ememem that we owe these original works. Strolling through the streets of Croix-Rousse, you will discover different types of artistic expression. Thus, you will admire, for example, Kesa’s poetic collages of vinyl records or Gzup’s small colorful octopuses.

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Le Havre, the cradle of internationally renowned street artists

Go hunting for Gouzou in the streets of Le Havre. This little orange and atypical character hides in the corners of the city, but also in other cities around the world. The creator of Gouzou is an artist from Le Havre named Jace. You can also come across works by Teuthis, a master of street art who decorates Le Havre. His fish representations with a perfectly geometrical design fit incredibly well with the architecture of the city.

If you are going to explore street art in Le Havre, there is no doubt that you will come across a work by David Karsenty. This painter revisits cult characters in his own way and delights the young and the old! If you want to be sure to admire unusual murals, take the Bobee Spot app with you, and let yourself be guided. It will take you around the small streets thanks to the Bobee Map, and will make you explore Le Havre in an atypical way.

Lille, the ideal spot to explore street art in the North of France

The city of Lille has been increasing its impact on street art for more than 40 years. Numerous exhibitions take place there, and winding the streets you will have the choice to admire more than 600 works. In the city, giant murals sit alongside more minimalist works, and all artistic means are used (paintings, collages, tags, etc.). You will be particularly amazed by the Moulins and Wazemmes districts. They are the ideal place to explore street art.

Street artists like Michael Barek, the Monkey Bird Crew, or Fabien Swyngedauw make Lille a must-see spot for urban art. Do not hesitate to let yourself be carried away by your desires, and be surprised by their unusual creations.


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Nantes, a beautiful source of urban works

In the world of urban art in Nantes, several spots are essential. Bring your camera along, because the murals you’ll discover in the city of the Dukes are worth the journey! One of the biggest works of street art in Nantes can be found near the Tour Bretagne. You have surely already seen it in a photo: it is the rainbow staircase, a symbol of LGBT communities. Another emblematic creation of Nantes is located on the Trempolino blockhouse. There you will find a gigantic cat created by urban artist Kazy.

If you are a movie fan, you will be surprised by the Katorza. It is near Place Graslin, rue Corneille, that you will discover it and its walls decorated by street artists Dino Voodoo and the Outsider. Among the urban artists that the city has seen born, we find Ador. His representations are very recognizable. They always feature a long nose and small legs. The Nantes peninsula is also home to many murals and graffiti that deserve to be contemplated.


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La Seyne-Sur-Mer, the small town that rivals the big ones

As you set off to discover French street art in La Seyne-Sur-Mer, the works that you will come across will not leave you indifferent. Noël Verlque cul-de-sac, you will admire the works of some artists like Hopare. This graffiti artist has created many murals, each more incredible than the next. The graphics, colors, the intensity in the gaze of his portraits are breathtaking. Thanks to the Bobee Map, you can get there in the blink of an eye.

In this same cul-de-sac, the urban artist Dopie also embellishes the walls and represents magnificent colored animals. You will also discover the paintings of Mary Kudasheva, specializing in 3D works. La Seyne-Sur-Mer has other surprises in store for you and other unusual creations around its streets. Let Bobee Spot guide and help you.


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Street art still has a bright future ahead of itself in France. All of these cities are incubators of talent just waiting to be expressed. If you want to explore street art in France, consider downloading the Bobee Spot app! By using #streetart, being amazed has never been easier!